AHOY! On Friday, September 16th, we hosted a Special Edition #Foodiechats with our sponsor @PiratesBooty for #SnackVoyage.

We brought our #Foodiechats Community together for a virtual #SnackVoyagewhile encouraging Pirate Talk. Why Tweet like a Pirate? On Monday, September 19th, 2016, is National Talk Like a Pirate Day. Online with Social Media, the popular hashtags to use are #TLAPD, #TalkLikeAPirate and #TalkLikeAPirateDay. Whichever hashtag you chose, you’re sure to meet like-minded Pirates. 


To celebrate this Swashbucklin’ a.k.a (Adventurous Fun) @PiratesBooty will be hosting their very own Twitter Chat #PiratesBootyParty at 1pm ET on Monday, September 19th for #TalkLikeAPirateDay. All Land Lubbers, Lads, Lass, Buccaneers and even Seadogs are welcomed to join the fun! Brush up on your Pirate words right here: http://www.piratebrands.com


The Pirate’s Booty Team sent Booty a.k.a Treasure to us, and our Ambassadors. Check out what was in their Booty.





Our Founder, @steveGOgreen got into his Pirate Character earlier in the day to invite his #Foodiechats to join us for our virtual #SnackVoyage with @PiratesBooty


#Foodiechats Founder, Steve Green and Vice President, Angela Woodward in Pirate’s Booty gear before #Foodiechats

We’ve included all ten Special Edition #Foodiechats questions and have highlighted one answer from our Community per question, along with @PiratesBooty‘s answers. BLIMEY! grab yarrr some Booty a.k.a Treasure and enjoy the Tweets.