We hosted our 278th Monday #Foodiechats on August 29, 2016, with sponsor @Slawsa.  We’ve had the opportunity to work with 100’s of food and beverage brands over 5 years, and we were excited to try something truly unique.

With Labor Day (ahem…end of Summer approaching😖) we wanted to share with our Community how they can step up their condiment game for the long foodie weekend ahead. And…let’s not forget FOOTBALL🏈season about to kick-off, and tailgating is half the fun, right?!

Slawsa breaks the mold of modern condiments, boldly creating a whole new category of food, and standing alone in its realm of flavor. Gone are the days when traditional ketchup, mustard, mayo or relish will impress anyone! So why would you serve them? Join us in banning boring condiments!

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Slawsa comes in Original, Spicy, Garlic and the new Fire.

Cool and crisp, Slawsa is, in essence, a cabbage based-relish with a salsa twist. While it contains other vegetables, mustard, and vinegar, the mustard and vinegar are not overwhelming, allowing it to be used in various ways.  It begins on the palate as sweet and transfers heat undertones that make it addictive atop grilling fare such as hot dogs (which we affectionately refer to as Slawsa Dogs), burgers or brats.  Bring a jar or two of Slawsa to liven up your pre-game tailgate, enjoy it with friends at your backyard barbeque or just share it with your family at the dinner table mid-week.

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Our kosher certification is through the Orthodox Union, the leading kosher certification in the world. We are proud that Slawsa is 100% Made in the USA.

Everyone at our Slawsa has a strong belief that every household should be able to provide their families tasty condiments that are not only healthy but come without the high price tag that is usually associated with “gourmet” products.  Simply put, Slawsa is the Gourmet Topping for Everything without the gourmet price.

You can feel confident that Slawsa is: all-natural, fat-free, cholesterol-free, gluten-free, very low in sodium, kosher, vegan

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#Foodiechats topped our Greenridge Farm Kale and Asiago All-Natural Sausages with Slawsa Spicy and Slawsa Garlic

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The #Foodiechats Team had a #SLAWESOME time grilling with all four Slawsa Flavors

Slawsa, The Gourmet Topping for Everything was sent to some of our #Foodiechats Ambassadors to have a #SLAWESOME good time in their kitchens. Check out the foodie fun they had.

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Wicked Delicious Kate @LoveMyGirls78 , created Baked Crab and Garlic “Slawsa” cream cheese wontons. MAKE IT

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@EverydayMomRach writes: “Living in Chicagoland, the food I stick between sliced bread is really important to me. We pretty much have the most awesome hotdogs, brats, Italian sausage and Italian beef on the planet and I always want to compliment those items in a way that enhances the yumminess. I love adding extra zing to my hot dogs, brats or Italian sausage with a spicy mustard or sauerkraut. These are my between-the-bun staples and I was good with those. However, I was so surprised by Slawsa! It really combines so many aspects of the toppings I already love in one, easy topping. This cabbage-based condiment merges so many flavors while adding a sweet zing. It’s really the perfect topping for some of my favorite Chicagoland foods. Check it out for your end of summer barbecue. I know it will be a hit!” 


Have a great Labor Day weekend #Foodiechats Friends! Keep sharing your deliciousness with us on Social Media!