Meet #Foodiechats sponsor partner, Illinois Farm Families.  They want to meet you at the table to give you a look at who they are, what they do and how the Farm Families grow food for all of us. They invite groups of Chicagoland moms and experts in the food, health and nutrition fields to visit our farms. The guests bring along their cameras, smartphones and tablets and then share with you what they see, hear and learn.

On Friday, August 11th, the #Foodiechats Team along with Illinois Farm Families invited a great group of foodies to visit Whiskey Acres Distilling Co. who is an Illinois Farm Families Farm located in Dekalb, IL. We journeyed from Chicago’s popular neighborhood, The West Loop, and headed to our #SeedToSpirit experience. Scroll through our Photo Album for a look at our experience! We’re also highlighting some great key moments of our trip.

We arrived in style to Whiskey Acres Distillery Co. and we were greeted by Vice President, Nick Nagele and the wonderful staff of W.A. who immediately put Whiskey into our hands! We raised our glasses, sipped our Farmcrafted Whiskey, and got acquainted with the Distillery.

A Toast to our #SeedToSpirit Farmers

Us city folks had some fun with our cameras on the fancy John Deere’s parked in front upon our arrival! 

Time to head over to the Camp Fire and hear about the history of the Walter Family and creation of Whiskey Acres hosted by Nick. 

Cameron Croft, Tricia, Nick, Steve Green, Kell and Ken


WHISKEY ACRES -From Seed to Spirit- from Whiskey Acres Distilling Company on Vimeo.

What does it take to make the finest whiskey in the world? Start with the finest grains grown on the best soils the earth has to offer. Add water naturally filtered by the limestone aquifer found deep under those same soils. Then complete the task by handcrafting a distilled spirit using the same hands of the 5th generation farmers who grew that grain. They know the land, their ingredients, and what it means to pay attention to detail. Blend together using equipment and know-how forged in the rolling hills of Kentucky. Add a little patience.

Distilling year-round and open to the public from March-November, we are an Estate Distillery like none other in the United States. In Chicago’s own backyard. BUY ONLINE

Take a moment to watch Drone views of the Whiskey Acres Distillery Co. captured by #Foodiechats guest, Dan Verakis.



Virtual Reality Tours while on the farm


Cameron Croft and Nick chatting it up about Whiskey!


Smile for Social Media – Momma Cuisine takes a photo of FlavCity and Dessi


Kell Bell and Ken have a quick game of corn hole before we see some barrels!


Let the distillery tour begin! Thanks Nick!

This is #Hearthrob he takes care of the awards in these parts! P.S. he’s a cut out 🙂

Cheers to Jenny’s Date #Hearthrob

Let’s tap these barrels open, shall we!

Tell us more Nick!


The man himself, Nick!

Bobby, Dessi and Michael enjoying the Tour


Gotta love a Whiskey in the making Selfie!

This is about to be Whiskey!!

Traditional Whiskey is made with Field Corn, but at Whiskey Acres they’re making Artisan Bourbon with Sweet Corn.


Steve Green being strong

Oh hey Brian, you make Whiskey Farming look good!

Off to the Corn Fields we go!

Beautiful day to capture Whiskey Acres

Let’s get corny!

Eye Spy a DRONE!

Show us your Barrels – Video by Traveling Murphy

Check it out. Whiskey Acres Distilling Co. grew #BluePopcorn for a single batch of Artisan Bourbon 🥃 been sitting for 2-years! #Foodiechats trip with sponsor Illinois Farm Families was truly a 💯😁🌽🥃👍🏻

We tasted a delicious variety of Whiskey, Bourbon and Vodka! OMG yes, they make Vodka too. We forgot to tell you earlier in the post!

Hiya Momma Cuisine – your glasses match the farm!

We had the time of our lives learning about how Farmcrafted Spirits are Grown and not made! We will be customers for life!


Whiskey Acres products are sold in Mariano’s, Binny’s and more grocery stores. You can also buy online which can be shipped to 34 states! Click Here

A big Thank You to Illinois Farm Families for making this experience a reality! We’re ready for the next Farm Tour!