We were proud to partner with Uncle Ben’s in a two-part #Foodiechats series to talk about the importance of cooking with your kids. Our first series kicked-off #BensBeginners with Uncle Ben’s on September 26, 2016. Uncle Ben’s partnered with influencers including Kelly Rowland to spread the joy of cooking with your kids.

We were excited to involve two of our #Foodiechats Ambassadors, @ChefTini, and @GigGobGulp during the first series with Uncle Ben’s for #BensBeginners. Here is what they created with their children:


#Foodiechats Ambassador @ChefTini and her Daughter created Rice Ball Cupcakes for #BensBeginners MAKE IT  


#Foodiechats Ambassador @GigGobGulp and her Son created an Autumn Harvest Rice Bowl MAKE IT  

Uncle Ben’s® Brand is committed to helping families cook together because they believe cooking is an essential life skill. Ben’s Beginners™ is a movement to inspire families to cook together.


This year they launched beginners.unclebens.com to offer fun, interactive cooking lessons and family-friendly recipes. Families who visit the website and participate in lessons  have a chance to win $15,000 for themselves and $30,000 towards a cafeteria makeover for their schools.

Our second series was on October 10, 2016, to kick-off  the first ever International Cook with Your Kids Day. This will happen on Saturday, October 15, 2016. International Cook with Your Kids Day is a movement launched by Uncle Ben’s® to encourage families to cook together and to raise awareness about the myriad benefits of parents and kids cooking together.

Participants around the globe are encouraged to post photos, videos, and/or stories of their families cooking together using #LookWhatWeMade.

We were excited to involve two of our #Foodiechats Ambassadors, @FoodiePhysician, and @EverydayMomRach for the #LookWhatWeMade series, and here is what they created with their children. The #Foodiechats Team even joined in on the fun where we included the nephews of our V.P.


@FoodiePhysician: Cooking with Sienna: Greek Spinach and Rice Pie: Celebration of International Cook with Your Kids Day MAKE IT  


@EverydayMomRach One Pot Turkey Sausage Kale & Brown Rice Soup With Uncle Ben’s MAKE IT


#Foodiechats created Uncle Ben’s Meatballs and Rice meal MAKE IT  


Celebrate the first ever International Cook With Your Kids Day this Saturday, October 15, 2016. We look forward to seeing your recipes on #LookWhatWeMade and #Foodiechats.